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Intensive French course for university students of French.

Discovery Stay of Paris with a guide, history and culture courses, théâtre, café théâtre and cinema.

Paris - Stage Cavilam-Alliance Française

December, 29th 2020 - January, 27th 2021

A 10-day stay of cultural discovery in Paris, followed by 3 weeks of intensive courses at the CAVILAM - Alliance Française with a host family stay.




Art and Literature


30 days / 29 nights stay in France from : 

3 590€ / Person

Included :

  • Half board in a youth hostel in Paris
  • Stay with a host family in Vichy
  • Courses at CAVILAM – Alliance Française
  • All transport in France
  • Guided tours
  • Booking of visited sites
  • Documentation on the stay

Not included :

  • One meal per day
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance
  • Travel to and from France

DAY 1 – Paris : Arrival and setting in

DAY 2  –  Paris

  • Welcome and presentation of the programme.
  • Welcome lunch follow by the visit of the Sainte-Chapelle & Conciergerie.

DAY 3  –  Paris

  • Classes on Paris history from the Romans to 17th century and preparation of films.
  • Visit of Saint-Denis Basilica.
  • Evening : Cinema.

DAY 4  –  Paris

  • Classes on French Impressionism.
  • Oral presentation of newspaper articles by students.
  • Musée d’Orsay guided visit.
  • Cruise on the river.

DAY 5  –  Paris

  • Classes on the history of Paris from the 17th to the 21st century.
  • Preparation of a play.
  • Oral presentation of newspaper articles by students.
  • Guided visit of the Louvre Museum and the gardens of Palais Royal.
  • An evening at the theatre.

DAY 6  –  Paris     

  • Guided visit of the most important street markets in Paris
  • Travel to Vichy
  • Welcome by families : 19 days with your host family

DAY 6  / DAY  25 –  Vichy

DAY 25 – Vichy – Paris

  • Return to Paris by TGV train after classes.

DAY 26  –  Paris

  • Oral presentation of your experience at the CAVILAM – Alliance Française.
  • Presentation of the French political system.
  • Preparation of a Café-theâtre play.
  • Guided visit of the Château de Versailles and its gardens
  • Evening : Café-théâtre.

DAY 27  –  Paris

  • Presentation of the architectural face of Paris.
  • Presentation of new films.
  • Choice of visit offered to the students ex : Exhibitions, the Opéra Garnier, le Marais.
  • Evening : Cinema.

DAY 28  –  Paris

  • Exceptional visit of the Palais du Luxembourg on the invitation of a senator
  • Guided visit of Montmartre

DAY 29  –  Paris    

  • Morning assessment session – individual presentation
  • Farewell lunch in a remarkable restaurant.
  • Free from 15h30.
  • Free to leave but accomodation reserved and paid for untill Wednesday morning

DAY 30  –  Paris     

  • Departure.

Both parts of this “stage” will include all-day intensive language practise and cultural activities, the two being closely inter-related.

Each morning session will include a preparation for the day’s activities, feedback and discussion on the previous day’s activities. Each day, a different theme is treated – for example : Medieval and Renaissance Paris, French Impressionist Painting, the national press, current French politics…
Each student will be asked to study one of the major national daily newspapers and present one of the articles of their choice to the group for discussion.

At the CAVILAM – Alliance Française, you will have :

  • Intensive French language courses (72 language lessons of 45 minutes each)
  • Afternoon workshops
  • Evening cultural activities
  • Weekend outings
  • Family-stay accommodation (which will enable students to practise their French)

On the first day, you will have a series of placement tests to ensure you are placed in a group appropriate to your level. Then follow 18 days of intensive formal language classes, (26 classes and workshops each week).

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